PSB boasts of purpose-built buildings and facilities

School Buildings

PSB has three (3) buildings with classrooms — Elementary School Building, High School Building (aka Rodrigo C. Acosta Building), and Home Economics Building — plus an Administration Building, Security Building and Storage Building.


Students and teachers’ tables and chairs are arranged to allow ample space for movement.


PSB is equipped with biophysics, chemistry and computer laboratories to enhance learning and understanding through experimentation, observation, deductive/inductive reasoning and practical hands-on experience.


PSB has a library that caters to all student ages. It contains printed and digital resources to supplement the learning materials used in classes.

Play and Activities Areas

Learning is not only about reading and writing. Students also need to have time for recreation in order to relax, free the minds, discover and develop sporting and other physical skills, improve agility, make friends, and, of course, maintain good health. At PSB, there are areas for basketball, volleyball, and scouting for students and morning calisthenics for teachers and staff.