The Educational Philosophy and Values
of Philippine School Bahrain

The following educational philosophy and values guide the Philippine School Bahrain in its delivery of educational services:

Educational Philosophy

  1. Excellence is achieved through wisdom.
  2. Education plays a key role in a person’s character formation that will help one achieve a quality life and a humane society.
  3. Education is a dynamic process by which one seeks and enjoys the fullness of life.
  4. Education enriches one’s knowledge and develops one’s talents and character to become a mature, responsible, and effective member of society.
  5. Education is a partnership between the home and the school.

Institutional Core Values

  1. Competence. The knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to effectively and efficiently carry out one’s responsibilities in his/her chosen field of endeavor.
  2. Creativity. The ability to create something new or improve on something existing, not simply repeating what other people have done, for the good of community, country, and humanity.
  3. Commitment. Dedicating one’s life to something or someone worth living for.
  4. Compassion. Sympathetic concern for the welfare of other people