Welcome to Philippine School Bahrain!

We are the only school in the Kingdom of Bahrain offering K to 12 Philippine education curriculum to Filipino children of OFWs in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Our School Curriculum

Our K to 12 curriculum is recognized by the Bahrain Ministry of Education and the Philippine Department of Education and accredited by PAASCU.

Our Educational Philosophy and Values

The delivery of our educational service is founded on the firm belief that excellence is achieved through wisdom.

Admission Requirements

Students from DepEd curriculum schools can transfer anytime to Philippine School Bahrain. Filipino students from non-DepEd schools are also welcome.

News and Announcements

2024-2025 Enrollment

Please visit this page to know the enrollment procedures and other student admission information.

About Us

Philippine School Bahrain is the only school in the Kingdom of Bahrain delivering Philippine Department of Education-approved K-12 education to the children of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in the Kingdom.


The academic program at Philippine School Bahrain is organized based on the framework of the Philippine K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum.

Philosophy and Values

The educational services at Philippine School Bahrain are guided by the following educational philosophy and core values …

Admission Requirements

Since our K to 12 curriculum is based on the Philippine Education System, new students from DepEd-curriculum schools can transfer anytime to Philippine School Bahrain …

Student Services

Philippine School Bahrain, through its Office of Student Affairs, provides learners with opportunities to be at their best in dealing with their student life. 

School Facilities

From humble beginnings, Philippine School Bahrain has evolved and expanded. Now located in a spacious area, it boasts of buildings and facilities that are purpose-built according to Bahrain and international design standards.

School Calendar

Visit this page for the complete schedule of academic events, activities and holidays for the current school year.

Photo Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. It provides a lasting memory of those precious moments in life that one day will become an invaluable treasure that must be kept. Take time to see and enjoy these photos of the students, teachers, staff and officials of Philippine School Bahrain taken on various occasions.