Our School Facilities

From humble beginnings, Philippine School (Bahrain) has evolved and expanded. Now located in a spacious area, it boasts of buildings and facilities that are purpose-built according to Bahrain and international design standards.

The Elementary School Building and Facilities

This is our Elementary School building.

The Rodrigo C Acosta (High School) Building and Facilities

This is our Rodrigo C Acosta Building the Chairman of the Board of Governors since the start of school operations.

Home Economics Building

This building was designed as a real house where students can learn cooking and other aspects of home management.

Administration Building

The Registrar, Finance, Procurement and IT are located in this building.

School Grounds

PSB has dedicated entrances for students and employees and allocated spacious parking for buses and other vehicles. The parking areas and internal roads have been designed to ensure the safety of pedestrians and smooth flow of traffic.